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This is one of my favorite parts! The profit from the books you purchase here will be given to help Christian families who is in the process of adoption.
Learn more about these families at: Pages for the Dark Horses

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What the Readers have to say!

A Wonderful Surprise!
"I had a wonderful surprise to find that I have a great niece in Colorado that can write very special books. I have been fortunate enough to read her first 9 books and enjoyed them very much. Rachel uses names from our past; and her characters are true to life and fun people.
She spreads her love for God and her faith all through the books. She makes everyone wish for a BIG family. In my contact with her, I have been truly impressed by her ability to make very good reading from every day events. I am eagerly awaiting her next books."

Minnie Cooper Wyatt (the real Minnie Cooper)
 Age 96

From An Adoptive Family!
"Once you start reading this series you'll immediately feel as if you are part of the Cooper Family. They are a family with big hearts going through life in the 1930s and 1940s as God brings them one foster child after another that you grow to love. 
You eyes are opened to the realities of foster care and adoption and the emotions everyone feels. A unique feature of this series is that each book is told from a different child's perspective. During each trail the family faces, they always turn to God as He faithfully reveals His unconditional love for them. Be prepared to laugh, cry, be encouraged, and experience hope and love, ultimately provided by our Heavenly Father.

I read it aloud to my daughters when they were ages 7, 9, and 11.
We enjoyed talking about the stories and our thoughts on the events that were happening. My youngest daughter could especially relate since she was adopted into our family. It also helped the rest of us understand some of the emotions she may have experienced being adopted into our family.

It's good, wholesome literature that you can be confident your children and grandchildren will read and be inspired by!"

Becky (adoptive mom and 3rd grade teacher) 
and her daughter age 13